My Journey Starts Here


The beginning of my life adventure has been rough, but I'm tough; I'm still here. I'm still fighting...

— Heath Wayne Cornford


"...I had just came into this world when I began having trouble. Initially, the doctors believed I had some form of heart block. Thru great CPR and quick thinking, they were able to get an external pacer on my heart and get me immediately in route to UW Madison’s American Family Children’s Hospital. The staff at the Sauk Prairie Hospital saved my life for the first time..."

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 Milynda, Travis and Heath Cornford of Wisconsin Dells, WI

Milynda, Travis and Heath Cornford of Wisconsin Dells, WI


Travis and Milynda are my parents; they try everyday to show strength, resilience and a positive attitude for me thru this difficult time. My entire family is overwhelmed by the prayers, love and support they have received. 

I want to get strong and healthy so i can go home and meet everyone for the first time; begin my life outside of the hospital. 

Please help spread my story to your family, friends, community, co-workers, church, and anyone who will pray for me and my family.

My health has been a daily battle and my doctors have diagnosed me with some form of Dilated Cardiomyopathy; heart failure. For someone in the end stages of heart failure, the only means of prolonging life is a heart transplant. The fact that I am now on the waiting list for a heart transplant means that my doctors have exhausted all other possible treatment options. My condition is complicated and my doctors are working to keep me stable. My family is working with a great team of doctors at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for my Heart Transplant. Fortunately, the success rate of heart transplant surgery continues to improve everyday...I could go thru this and have a whole, semi-normal life. It's a huge gift, a heart, but I am praying mine comes soon. 

Thank you for partnering with my Mom, Dad and I in this extremely hard battle for my health. The transplant process is long and I have been in the hospital since I was born; 02/22/2018. Within that time-frame, my family has already incurred a long list of expenses; not to mention lost income.

All donations and T-Shirt sales will go toward:
          - daily travel (over 200 miles) from home to CHW and back
          - expensive medicines, tests and medical bills
          - costs involved with my Heart transplant

Any amount, no matter how small, will be a blessing to our family and to know that you are thinking about us means so much.