The CICU (Cardiac ICU) is no place to raise a child, but families like ours never got the choice not, too. My parents drove back and forth over 230 miles every single day to be with me, work full time to cover our bills and to keep up the care of our farm, animals & crops. It was the hardest thing any of us could have ever imagined.

Through my hospitalization and adversities, my family has learned/discovered different things that made “hospital life” a little easier. Now that I am home, have recovered and am seemingly thriving, it’s time pay-it-forward to current families in the CICU.

We have been so blessed and want to thank everyone for your love and support of our family.

In 2019, my family and I began nonprofit “A Heart For Heath, Inc.” to use as a platform to give back.

We help families with children in the Cardiac ICU under long term care (ie. awaiting heart transplants, recovering from heart related issues, etc...) by providing assistance thru care packages, gas cards, providing comfort items and more [future goals include being able to help cover families mortgage payments, they can worry less and spend more time with their critically ill children].

Under Construction (7/8/19)…Please be patient with us as we begin to design this page, as we do this all ourselves. This will be a page dedicated to A Heart For Heath, Inc. and the cause that we so full-heartedly believe in. We also plan to showcase families here, that we have been able to help, who don’t mind being recognized publicly.

Current families looking for help thru A Heart For Heath, Inc. can be directed to to inquire and request an application. Families may also choose to contact us via your hospitals’ CICU social worker(s).

Thank you!