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My health has been a daily battle.

I was born with a rare condition, Coronary Ostial Stenosis, and have been hospitalized since I was born; 2/22/18.

I received my new donor heart and underwent transplant on 7/19/18.

I am currently an inpatient at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin...

Thank you for partnering with my Mom, Dad and I in this extremely hard battle for my health. The transplant process is long and I have been in the hospital since I was born; 02/22/2018. Within that time-frame, my family has already incurred a long list of expenses; not to mention lost income.

All donations and T-Shirt sales will go toward:
          - daily travel (over 200 miles) from home to CHW and back
          - expensive medicines, tests and medical bills
          - costs involved with my Heart Transplant

Any amount, no matter how small, will be a blessing to our family and to know that you are thinking about us means so much.