10/1/18 - First Check Up

First checkup, since being discharged, was today. It went good. I rode all the way down to the hospital in Milwaukee, two and a half hours, in my car seat and I did really good. I’m comfortable in my car seat, but I still get a little hot. Mom isn’t quite sure how to dress me? The weather is cooling down now and it’s only been in the 50’s during the day, so I need to be in warm clothes. But I get hot when I’m snuggled up in my seat, so I need to have less on. It’s a learning experience. At the hospital, Mom forgot my stroller, so she carried me, my medicines (a big tote), my feeding pump and other stuff all the way to the Lab and later to the Herma Heart Institute inside the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. I liked it though. I could see everything. It was interesting seeing all the new stuff. I went to my Lab appointment first, today. The lab techs aren’t very good at getting my blood to draw up. I’ve been in this hospital deal a long time, as you know, and I know that there are only a few of them that can draw my blood successfully. One, I’m little, and two, I guess little men like me don’t have good pressure in their veins to help the blood draw. So, anyways…I got poked three times. It wasn’t fun, but I’m pretty used to the ordeal. They needed my blood to check my Tachrolimus levels (one of the anti-rejection medicines I get) and a few other lab tests. Then, I went to the Herma Heart Institute for my checkup. The nurse and Doctor were both happy with me and said I was doing well. I liked the visit and gave them smiles. I had a mask on to protect me from germs, so they couldn’t see my smiles, but my cheeks gave away that I was happy. The nurse even said I’m cute. She said I look like a doll and a Gerber baby. That was funny. She is my new girlfriend. Don’t tell Mom or Dad. Speaking of Dad, when I got home from my appointments today, Dad and I played! It was great. It was a good day. I’m getting ready for bed now. Good night, -Heath

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