10/10/18 - MLK

That’s what we call appointment days…going to MLK (Milwaukee). I had to go today for my check up. I don’t really mind the drive, but I had to do a three hour car ride and we left by 5am from home…we tried to beat the city traffic. We didn’t miss it. Oh well. I have morning check up appointments and that works good for my medicine schedule. But, when we go to the city in the morning, people are going to work and it gets clogged up on the interstate. Mom usually stops and readjusts me or we walk around a minute half way there so I don’t get uncomfortable. I really like my car seat though. It’s cozy. Anyhow, we got there and I rode in my stroller to the Lab to have blood drawn.


People look at me funny when I’m strolling along with my mask, feeding pump, a bag of formula and tubes curled up. Mom says it’s just because they are curious. And also, that I’m very adorable and they want to smooch me but the mask protects me from cooties. So…we got the the Lab and my girlfriend saw me right away. She works in the Lab and knows that no one else can dra blood from me like she can, so she grabbed me and we got it done. She does so good. Only one slick poke and that’s it. She’s a magician. Or an angel….something special. It makes lab draws less stressful for sure!

We went to the Herma Heart institute just down the hall for the next part of my check up. I was happy to get my onesie off and snuggle on the doctor table in my blankey. I like the cool. It was cozy and I dozed off until my doctors came in. Something funny…I was so cozy, I rolled onto my tummy and somehow pee’d outside of my diaper and onto the bed. My doctor went to roll me over and wake me up…he got a surprise and laughed. Mom was confused because my diaper was dry. But, it was definitely pee. This is how I looked before that…he, he, he.

Anyhoo, my appointment went great. My numbers looked good, too. So, I seem to be doing well. It’s a wonderful time! -Heath

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