10/9/18 - A Home Routine

We’ve really started to settle in at home. I like it here so much! I get to do so much more activities. And there are less people bugging me. Today, we tried to relax into a routine. My days are filled with lots of medicines, eating baby food, playing, taking car rides and seeing Grandma and Grandpa when we go to work. I really enjoy sitting in my bouncer still. I like the Bumbo chair and just laying on the floor on a blanket, too. Mom try’s to keep me busy during the day. I take a noon nap. Then, when Dad is around, he scoops me up to visit. I’m so happy to be home! I’ve been a good boy at night, Mom says. I only get up at night when I need a diaper change or want to snuggle a minute. Then, I’m right back to bed. Thank you for your continued prayers. I’m working very hard! -Heath

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