10/12/18 - Monkey Suit Lady

Today was a nice Mommy and me day. We went to town for a hair cut…not for me yet, but for her. The place we went to was owned by a new friend. The place was nice and quiet, clean and safe for me to be at. We really loved it. When we were there, my girlfriend came to meet me for the first time in person…this is the girlfriend whom bought me my first “monkey suit”. That onesie I wore a lot when I was little-r…the one with the monkeys all over and the monkey feet. Anyhow, we love her and she came to see Mom and we surprised her with me! She cried. I have that effect on the ladies. I’m handsome. He, he, he. It was a really nice visit and first comfortable place I’ve gone too, away from home. I just enjoyed sitting in my stroller, watching everything going on.

We had a small drive home and I stayed awake. I like to look out the wind Dow and see what I can. The semi trucks and buildings are really kook because they are easiest to see, but I like water too. Sometimes, in the car, when it’s raining, I babble to myself and watch the rain roll down the windows. It’s so interesting. It wasn’t repaint today, though. Cloudy. Cold. I didn’t mind though. Any weather is better than being trapped in a room at a hospital. I love this freedom. We still have to be very careful going out and about. Avoiding germs and people isn’t an easy task, but we are getting it figured out one day at a time. Later, at home, I took a quick nap. I was pretty pooped out from the day. Dad was home and we all played. All kinds of “normal” things. Normal is so, so good guys! I love home. -Heath

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