10/13/18 - First Night

I had a full day today! First, I laid in the sunlight coming thru the patio doors and played with my toy. The sun felt so good. I’ve learned to really like it. It’s warm on my skin and makes me feel happy. I snoozed a while, too. Mom cleaned house while I napped.

I woke up to my aunty staring at me. She came to visit with mom and see me. She got to see me a couple times in the hospital, but was so excited to see me today. It had been too long. She thinks I got bigger. We visited a long while and I gave her lots of my best smiles. She went home and then Mom and I went to Grandmas for a bit. She took me on a “tour” of the kitchen and living room, holding me up against her. I love doing that. Mom walks me around the house all the time. We made Dad a salad at diner tonight together. I think he liked it. Salad is interesting to look at. It has lots of weird shapes and colors. Okay…well, off to bed! I am spending my first night ever in my big crib! Will let you know how it goes. -Heath

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