10/14/18 - Feet

Last night, I slept so good in my big boy crib! Mom was having me sleep in a bassinet since I’d gotten home, so Ashe could watch me close. I’m doing pretty good at home, though, so my parents feel better about me sleeping in my big crib. I love it. The mattress makes it really easy to turn and roll over. I like to watch my mobile and fishes still, too. I lay on my back under my mobile and stretch my toes up and flick the little critters that spin around. It’s great. And I can really stretch out; which you know I love to do! So, I am really liking that. Hey, speaking of toes…I have found my feet and they are amazing! I reach up and grab my foot with my hand now. I can’t pull it to me, which is a little frustrating, but I still have a great time.

I had a good day today. On the weekends my Mommy deep cleans the horsey stalls, so I get to spend a bunch of time with Daddy. We had a great day watching football and snuggling. He makes me laugh so hard. I smile when he uses his hands to pretend he’s going to tickle me. He is pretty funny. He helped me sit in my bouncer chair, the swing, we sat up together to practice my core strength, I sat on the couch and we played with my toys, too. I’m pretty worn out and ready to sleep in my crib again. I actually just laid down for the night. -Heath

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