10/15/18 - Sunshine Snoozes

I still feel new at home. Everything is so new to me. Like, these feet, for example…so interesting! How did they appear? Why didn’t I see them sooner? What are they for? I have a lot to learn, I guess?

I enjoyed a lot of sunshine today. First, we went to work. I laid in the floor on a blanket in the sunlight thru the window, while Mommy did office work. I fell asleep. It was too cozy. Then, we went back to the house and I laid on the floor in the patio door light and practiced rolling, tummy time and played with my toys. I watched mom walking around. She helped me sit up and eat. I am getting stronger at sitting, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to sit by myself! I sat up in my Bumbo chair today and I also went to a car ride to take stuff to UPS to ship for work. I like when the light flickers thru the car windows. It makes me feel so cozy and snuggled in.

Did I tell you guys how much of a “blanket baby” I am? I love my blankets. It doesn’t mater to me, so long as it’s holey and easy to grab. I grab the blanket up and rub my face with it. It’s so comforting. I like small blankets that aren’t too heavy, because I get hot too easy. The Afghans we have from you guys are all my favorites. The bigger ones that we have, Mom hung on the side of my crib all nice until I’m bigger. Thank you so much!!


Well, now Mom has a camera set up to watch me at night and when she has to go outside to feed our animals. She was in the living room stalking me with it when I went to bed tonight. Stinker. I gave a good show and feel asleep. She and Dad thought I was pretty funny. I was kicking my mobile with my feet and rolling left to right. Anyhoo, going to bed. Keep praying for me, my family and my donor family. Night! -Heath

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