10/16/18 - Bye, Bye Methadone

Today was the first day, my entire life, that I didn’t have an Opioid, Narcotic or something of the sort;not even Methadone! It was a HUGE day in my “recovery”, if you will. I had been weaning down on things very slowly for months now and today was the first day of nothing. I still have two very minimal medicines to help with withdrawals, but to be quite frank, I don’t feel like I need them and the wean off them will be a breeze. I know it. It’s all so good! I spent my day working with Mom and Grandpa. We got lots of stuff done in the office. I took a nap for a while. It was nice. When we went home, Mom and I spent some time outside. It was nice today. Not too cold for me, so long as I was bundled up. I wore warm clothes and my flannel hat. We walked around and did stuff in the yard. I make sounds when we are outside. Mom thinks they are cute. I don’t really coo yet, but I’m starting to kind of babble. The animals really interest me. I can’t be too close to them or touch them yet, because I need to stay safe from germs for a while, but I love looking at them. So we went and looked at everyone. I was so tired when we came inside, so I took another nap. I have a big clinic day tomorrow. Hopefully my checkup goes well. Wish me luck! Good night! -Heath

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