10/17/18 - My Thumb

I discovered my fingers were good to chew on a long time ago now, but recently, I’ve been experimenting with having my thumb in my mouth. Mom has seen me do it before, on occasion. She has always taken it out of my mouth. She said it isn’t a good habit to start. Today though, she gave up and let me have my thumb. A couple reasons…one being that since I never learned to suck like normal babies learn early on, maybe this will help me learn? Or at least learn to close my lips more, Dad mentioned. Another reason, for comfort. Since I’m still weaning off of some medicines, the comforting factor of my thumb might be a good thing to help me through. So, I guess I’m doing this…thumb sucking. Moms shaking her head…still thinks it’s a bad idea. Dad is all for it though. Do you have anyone in your family whom sucked their thumb? Mom says it will wreck my teeth someday and I’ll need braces. A lady at the hospital today was drawing my blood and talking to me about how her daughter sucked her thumb until she was ten and her teeth looked great. So,it’s a discussion. Who knew this would be such a big deal?

Other than that, today was a hospital day. We got up really early and went to Milwaukee for my appointments. I got an Echocardiogram done and the pictures of my heart and function all turned out good. So that was great! I had blood drawn and my numbers looked good again. I also had my check up at the Herma Heart Institute and they were happy with how I am doing, too. After that, we went upstairs to the Cardiac ICU to visit my girlfriends. I got lots of loveys. It was fantastic! We miss them all so much. Then, we had to see the Urologist about something Dad calls my “china-man”…we will leave it at that, I guess I need that done and we got the ball rolling. It was a busy, long and overall good appointment day.

I was so tired when we got home. I slept a little in the car on the way, but I like to stay awake and watch cars when we drive. So, at home, I went right to my crib for a nap and Mom went to feed all our animals. I got to go outside later for a short while and watch the puppies play. Mom bundled me up and I sat on the flatbed and smiled. The dogs are fun. I try to talk to them, but not much comes out yet. Anyhow, that was my day. Good night. -Heath

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