10/18/18 - Floating

Mom and I were up and to the shop early, strait to work. We got a bunch done. It was chilly this morning, so we busted out my flannel gear! I looked handsome…well, more like Elmer Fudd, but still. Everyone thought I was very cute and I was cozy, so it was a good deal.

The rest of the day was just medicines, play time, Therapy, eating and a bath. I tried yogurt that Mom had and loved that. It was banana flavor…of course. Then, for my bath, I experienced something new…floating! Mom had me in my safe little “me-sized” tub, but we put a little more water in today and my butt floated up a little when I kicked my feet in the water. It was such a funny feeling. I got a big smile and made it happen again. I am really loving bath times now days. I used to hate them in the hospital so much. Now, though, I sit in the water and it is warm. I like to splash and watch my toys float. I was happy to be clean and snuggled in my Mickey towel when done.

That’s really all to share today. Please keep me, my family and my donor family in your thoughts and prayers. Good night. -Heath

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