10/2/18 - I’m A “Tubie”?

Today we looked online for some more advice on helping me learn to eat foods normally. There’s a support group for kids that are “tubes”…babies like me. We didn’t know that’s what I was called? It’s slang, but anyhow, we did find some advice. I’m doing okay eating, I’ll have a couple small bites at a time, but I’m not very happy about it right now. I’ve tried all kinds of foods (mashed baby foods) and don’t seem very interested in any yet. Mom was thinking that maybe we can try something with a different consistency or texture? Not sure what that would be though? I’m little, I’m behind, I don’t know how to close my lips and use my tongue to swallow yet. So…that’s my homework we say; learn to eat. We practice every day.


Today was bath day again, already. I like baths now. They are fun. I got all cleaned up and my hair got curly and puffy. Mom and Dad don’t know where the curls come from? We don’t have curly hair in our family (as far as we know)? After my bath, I sat up in my Bumbo with my Lilly dog. She doesn’t shed like the labs do, so she can be by me a little. We sat together on the floor while Mom was doing things I couldn’t help with. I sit really good.

I also practiced tummy time some more today. I’m getting stronger! I can lift and hold my head up a long time now. It’s easier when I’m laying on my Mom’s tummy, because she can help me if I need it. So we do that before bed time at night. I’ll get better and better with time.

Also, thanks to all of my Grandma T’s co-workers for the wonderful gifts! My favorites are this crinkle book and the snuggly puppet puppy dog that sings and really, all of the gifts! I am so thankful. I’d blow you kisses, but I haven’t learned how yet. Well, time for bed. Good night. -Heath

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