10/21/18 - Bigger Better Things

I love my new “normal” on Sundays. Sunday’s at home are so much better than sundays in a hospital. A day filled with snuggles, play time, football sounds and the house smells like cinnamon and pumpkins right now. The sunshine shines thru the windows and makes my play at feel so comfy that sometimes I forget to play and snooze in the warm sun instead. Sometimes, when I’m playing a long time, Mom will pull my mat along to follow the sun so it still hits me. She says that the sunlight special and will help me feel good. By the end of the day, my mat doesn’t reach it anymore, but I still have the natural light. I think it’s one of my many favorite things. I love the sun, seeing the same people every day, unlimited snuggles, bedtime stories and seeing the animals. My family has been amazing and I’m so excited to begin meeting more of them as I get bigger. We are taking it safe and slow for now; meeting people. Today I ate a whole bunch of peaches and bananas and sweet potatoes. I was in the mood and I think that, now that I’m feeling better without withdrawals, I can feel more comfortable eating. I ate about five times today and had six or more bites of food each time. It was a big deal! Better and better every day. Speaking of better every day…I am getting so much smarter and stronger! I grab and hold and pull and push my feet, my toys and anything I can get my hands on. It’s really fun! -Heath

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