10/22/18 - Eight Months Old

I turned eight months old today. We can hardly believe I’m already this old. Times has flown by. The days at the hospital all seemed to drag, but the time as a whole, really went quickly. Mom and Dad still remember everything clearly…every single day of my life. There were so many times that they were afraid I wouldn’t get to today, but look at me now guys! I’m glad I won’t remember though. I’m glad that I get to live this life normally. This is my normal. I will never know any different than being a Heart transplantee. That’s good, too! I’m home and feel like a normal baby. I am so much stronger and doing well. I do all of the normal baby things. Even eating has been getting better. My family and I definitely make every single day special. I’m here. I’m happy. Today, I did all Heath things. I spent time with Grandpa and Mom took me to town (with my mask on) and I got to see lots of new things. I napped in the sunshine on the couch. I ate peaches and peas. We played, read books and I got a special delivery too…a pumpkin! I don’t know if you remember, but a while back, we said my cousins were growing me one. Well, it’s home and this weekend we are going to carve it! Mom says it’s so big that we will get the goo out and put me inside it for a picture! Well, that’s the plan at least. I’m excited. Thank you guys for the thoughts and prayers and support and love thru my journey so far. I truly believe that you helped me thru some of my hardest days. I’m so thankful, my family is so thankful, that I am able to celebrate eight months of life today. Never take a second for granted. Love, Heath.

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