10/23/18 - They Think I’m Food?

Today was a day of sunshine naps, play time and running errands with Mom. We had lots to do! We went to work, we saw Grandpa a minute, we went to town and did all the stuff and things! We stopped and shipped some things we no longer need to some friends who lost their home in the hurricane, too. Mom said it’s good to be kind to others. Friends and family are very important. I wonder who my friends will be when I’m older? Right now, I have my doggy (the little one that’s safe for me to be around until I’m stronger). She’s my friend. We lay in the sun together and she follows me when Mom is toting me around the house. I think she wants to make sure mom doesn’t take me away too far. All of our animals here are very curious about me. Mom hasn’t taken me too close to the horses yet, because she doesn’t want me near the germs just yet, but they see me and I think they like me. Or they think I’m food? Horses like to eat. And the cows look at me the same way. Our doggies, they all want to get close and sniff me or try to lick me. I see them every day, but they don’t get too close yet either. I’m just little and labs are spunky. I think I’ll really love all of the animals when I’m bigger and stronger, though. They are one of the things that I make sounds about. I Babel when I see them playing or even just moving. I don’t coo or make consistent sounds yet, but I growl and grunt. It’s cute I suppose. I’m pretty cute in general. I was real cute today when mom pulled my pants off to change my diaper…surprised her! He, he, he. Anyhow, I’m doing good at home still. It’s all a little scary yet, but we are getting adjusted and taking things a day at a time. Well, talk tomorrow… -Heath

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