10/25/18 - Not Good

I had the best night’s sleep I have had in a very long time, last night. I usually sleep most of the night, but last night I slept all night. Mom and Dad were so proud of me. I felt really good today because of it, too. God must have known I would need the extra energy today; Mom, too. I had to take an emergency trip to Milwaukee this morning and it took up most of my day. After my morning medicines, my feeding tube pump kept alarming. Usually, Mom can stop the machine and just run some club soda thru and it will work again. Today, though, my J tube was clogged really bad and we couldn’t fix it. It was a big deal because I get my medicines thru that tube and I also couldn’t be fed my formula (that also goes thru the tube). So, we got down to the CHW and the Radiology department pulled it out and replaced it. So, it was a little bit of a scary day. That was our first experience with it being clogged that bad. I did make a couple new girlfriends today, so that was nice. We are going to change a couple little things to try to keep this tube working until my evaluation in December for a different tube. I am home and feel fine; all good. It was a tiring day though. Good night. -Heath

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