10/26/18 - Peas and Puppies


I started the day with a fit about eating peaches. Red faced, foot kicking defiance before I even had a second bite…well, I never had the second bite. Mom stopped so I wouldn’t send myself into a tizzy. I just wasn’t interested in food. I ended up eating peas a couple times today, though. I liked them and they didn’t make me gag. Usually, when I eat, I feel urpy afterwards. The thing is…babies like me, with a feeding tube, get a little urpy thru the day normally and the doctors don’t really think twice about it. It makes it hard to learn to eat though, so we are going to be talking with my team Tuesday at my appointment. Maybe I can have an oral medicine like Pepto once in a while to help with the acid reflux feel? I don’t know? It’s not comfortable though. Mom has learned some tricks that we use to help. I don’t sit too strait up and don’t sit leaned too far back p, somewhere in the middle helps me keep the urpy feeling away while eating. I only take tiny bites. I sit a long time afterwards to let my tummy settle. We try to avoid eating during medicine times so I don’t feel icky too. I kept all of my peas down today. I don’t puke ever, it I urp up clear spit and whatever else. It’s yucky…anyways, I was all comfort today. I went to work with Mom in my comfy sweats. It was perfect because today was chilly, but not cold. Then, we ran to town quick and came home. I played and we read a book. We also went for a walk outside with my big doggies. They were well behaved and didn’t bother me. I love watching them. Silly dogs. It was a real nice day. We snuggled before bedtime and now I can’t sleep, so I’m letting Mom know. -Heath

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