10/27/18 - Sit

Lazy day. Mom and I did laundry, house stuff, fed our animals and were bums. I practiced sitting. I’m working hard at learning to sit all by myself. It’s really a challenge because I don’t have very strong core muscles yet; with my medical history and all. I’m getting better though! I can sit against Mom’s leg and I don’t fall side to side any more. I sit there pretty well on my own. I have a little trouble when I want to lean forward, though. I can’t get myself back. So, working on it. I also started picking up and holding my rattle toys now. I will find them, hold them and shake them so they make noise. It took me a while to hold on tight enough that the toy didn’t come loose and fall. Got it now though! I was really fussy again today, so I didn’t do much else. I think my teeth are coming in for sure. I’m drooling all over everything, I am rubbing my fingers on my gums as much as possible and I’m fussy, even though I’m usually not. So, teeth… Mom keeps saying to me “I want to see some teefers baby…”. It’s a lot of pressure, growing up. Hopefully they come soon and it’s not too hard on me. Wish me luck, ha! - Heath

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