10/28/18 - Naners, Football and Macaroni

I love snuggles. Let’s talk about that. Now, the secret to the perfect snuggle session is Mommy boobs. You need a Mommy and you rest against her chest. Snuggle right in with your blankey for a nice snooze. It’s the coziest place to snuggle. Your Mommy may get tired arms holding you up, so it’s best to have a pillow handy for support…just in case. You can hear a heart beat, feel warm and extra cooshy snuggly goodness. That’s what I do every day, at least. I love a nice snuggle nap mid day. Waking up from a snuggle nap is a little bit hard and sometimes, you might get growly, but don’t you fret! In a few minutes you will perk up and, if you’re a little boy like me, you will turn into a wild man! Wild men eat Bannanas! About eight bites of the Naners, is what I had today. When I woke up, Mom and Dad were watching the Packers game and eating Macaroni, so I joined in. Naps, naners and touchdowns! Nice day. -Heath

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