10/3/18 - Whoops!

I think home is awesome guys! Today, I weaned down some more on my Methadone medicine. Whenever I go down on it, I get withdrawals symptoms for a little bit. So, to be home and be able to distract myself with all the snuggles and play time I could want…it’s so much better than being in a hospital. I’ve been sleeping good at night too. I only wake up once or twice for a diaper change; then, back to sleep.

I played a lot today and didn’t have withdrawals for most of the day (just this evening), so I was smiley. I love when Mom and Dad kiss my feetsies. I smiled so much today for Mom’s pictures. I was laying on the floor in my living room and playing with my toys. So nice! The sunshine was coming in thru the patio doors, too.

While I was playing I rolled myself around. I can roll most of the way over now. I don’t really like being in my belly much yet, so I roll almost there, if I go to far and roll all of the way, it’s a “whoops!” and I roll back. I’m getting stronger and smarter every day.

I think that’s really all for today. Good night. -Heath

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