10/29/18 - Comfort Items

I sat in the couch with my Lilly dog and watched Mom fold clothes. I love being up where I can see everything good. The couch is nice and high for that. I have to be very careful so I don’t fall, it I’m never alone. Sometimes, I sit in the corner of the couch like this and just kick my feet and smile. Or I’ll lay up against a pillow and snuggle my blankey. Do you have a comfort item? I wanted to just say that I love my blankeys..and my pony. Whenever I’m a little upset or uncomfortable, I grab onto my blankey and pull it up and rub my face with it. Or I’ll snuggle my pony. I don’t have a favorite blankey. I love them all. I do prefer the ones with the finger and toes holes; I’m sure you know. -Heath

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