10/4/18 - Bouncing, Bumming & Bananas

Weaned down a little on my Methadone yesterday, so last night wasn’t the best sleep I’ve had since I got home. I woke up this morning, got snuggles, playtime, clean clothes and snuck in a nap in the sunshine. It felt so good to stretch out on the couch and snooze, Mom was right there to make sure I didn’t roll off, of course. I love getting sun now. The hospital lighting is so artificial. My family always said that isn’t good for anyone. You need real light to feel good. I’m starting to understand that now. Sunshine is just one of the many perks and wonderful things about home.


When I woke up, we went to work for the day. Yesterday, I spent time with Grandpa at home, but today Mom took me over to my Grandmas to visit while she worked. Grandma has a very clean house and she felt safe for me to go there. I still have to be very careful of germs and things that are dangerous to my health. We are very cautious. I have masks and we wash hands a lot. I really enjoyed the visit though. When we got home from work, Mom and I talked about my Cath Lab tomorrow. I have to go to the Children’s Hospital again and they are going to put me under and check my heart. Like they did last time. To check for rejection. Praying that I’m ship shape. Mom is all scared that, since I’ll be admitted for the procedure, that she’ll have to fight to get me discharged to go home again. I guess that’s a weird thing to think, but I just got home and she doesn’t want to loose me again. Never, ever again. So…I have that tomorrow morning. We have to leave home really early to get there in time. It’s a couple hour drive, you know. So, I hope to sleep the whole way down. Please pray things go well.

I also tried out my bouncy thing chair deal? Not sure what it’s called but it was fun. I don’t know how to bounce, but I can make myself move pretty good and it was a lot of fun for me. After that and some play time, I ate some more food by mouth. This morning we tried oatmeal pear and I hate it. So, this afternoon I ate Bananas and you know I love them. Mmmm! I still haven’t figured out to close my lips to swallow. So, we worked on that some. Then, Mom and I folded laundry and Dad came in to say Hi! We watched football and I am about to go to bed. Good Night -Heath

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