10/5/18 - Cath Lab Day

I had my second heart check up today. The “cath lab” checkup. Mom and I got up really early and went to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for the appointment. I did great for the long ride in my car seat. I like the car so far. When we got to the hospital, the staff took me back to the OR and I got sedation medicines. I had to take a long nap for the procedure so I laid still enough for them to do it…and so it didn’t hurt at all. So, after medicine and a little time, I was out like a light. I think some of my new girlfriends today were pretty sad when I was napping, because they couldn’t see me smile at them anymore. I flirted so hard! I said i’d See them again, for a different checkup day.

So, they did the heart check up (cath lab procedure thing) and I was a good boy. They said that things looked good when they looked inside my heart. My labs came back good too (blood work). So, I was happy to hear that. The hospital said that they will call us Monday with the results of the tiny biopsy they took from inside my hearts left ventricle. They will check the tissue for signs of rejection. So, pray that doesn’t show anything concerning. No rejection please!

I went to a recovery room, after they were done with the procedure, until I woke up good enough to go home. Mom gave me my medicines from home and we went back home. Long day, but I think it went okay? Will know more Monday. I really enjoyed my stroller ride on the way back to the car. I haven’t gotten to be I. A stroller much, but I really thinks it’s great. I lay back and see whatever I want to look at. I even peek for Mom at times. She laughed at my toes poking out of my blanket today. When we got home later, I played and stretched out when I got home. Eventually it was bed time…good night. -Heath

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