10/7/18 - Hair, Spaghetti & Berry Goo

I had a long, warm bath this morning and washed my hair. I needed it. I think every other day or so I’ll need a little wash. Then, I tried Banana Berry mixed goo…it was good, but I only took a couple bites because im still not too keen on eating. I think we will definitely try that one again tomorrow, though. A lot of little stuff happened today… I found out that hair is pullable and no one is safe from my grasp. He, he, he! I got Mom and Dad really good. Dad’s beard was nice to grab and pull! I petted on of my puppies though, and I didn’t pull her hair. We washed my hands after, of course. Later, I helped Mom make spaghetti for supper and watched meatballs and sauce mix together. Mom let me hold a noodle. I squeezed it to mush. It was fun. That’s about all that I did today. We bum on Sundays. Now, I’m laying on the bed with Mom catching my blog up, playing with a book I like. Night time soon. -Heath

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