10/8/18 - Good News!

Well, last week Friday, I had my second heart check up. The team took a biopsy of my heart tissue to check for signs of rejection (that my body was attacking my new heart…a foreign organ). We had to wait all weekend, but this evening, we got a call and were told the results of that biopsy. And…they didn’t see any signs of rejection so far! It’s a big deal and deserves a celebration. I’ve had my new donor heart since mid July and I seem to be doing well with it. Dad was just talking with Mom about things and how my transplant story has gone…I think that my transplant team did pick the right heart for me. It was a little big, we had trouble with it from the get go, but now I seem to be thriving. We are so thankful! I’m so thankful and happy to be home and get to be a “normal” little boy. Such a miracle. Please keep me, my family and my donor family in your prayers. -Heath

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