11/3/18 - Ol' Betty

Mom and I went to work at the shop early today. I went in the house with Grandma, while Grandpa and Mom got all the stuff and things done. I think it’s fun to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They like to coo and smooch at me and I give them all the gummy smiles. They have a really clean house. My grandma is so tidy. I usually lay on the living room floor or sit up on the couch. I have my own chair there too, but I like to be by Grandma. We enjoy our time together. I visited a couple hours today before Mom loaded me up and we went for a ride. My first ride in Mommy’s diesel truck! She calls her truck “Ol’ Betty”. She’s the best truck in the whole world, Mom said. I loved seeing out the big windows and the bouncy ride. Betty is louder than our car. She makes grumble sounds from her motor as we go down the road and even though I don’t usually sleep much in the car, I fell right asleep riding in Betty. We were home before I knew it. I can’t wait to go for another ride! -Heath

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