11/8/18 - Rubber Ducky, You're The One

I’m still not sure I like bath time a whole lot yet, but I don’t mind it. Today, when I took my bath, I sat on the other side of my little tub; the “big boy” side, Mom said. Grandma and Grandpa got me a really nice little baby tub before I was born. It sits inside our big tub at home. On one side of my little tub, it’s like a reclined chair. That’s for little, little babies. I just float up on that side now, because my feet touch and I kick. So, today, I went to the other side where I sit strait up and down like a big kid. It was much more comfortable and I took a pretty long bath today. I like washing my hair the most. Mom rubs my head with soap and then uses a cup to rinse the water out. I like when the water trickles down me. It’s warm and neat to watch. -Heath

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