12/10/18 - Mobility

I spent most of the morning sunbathing on the floor in the living room. Mom and Dad are always amazed by how well I move around for someone whom isn’t crawling yet. I toss and turn to where I want to be. I have also learned that if I lay on my back and plant my feet down flat, I can pick my booty up off the floor and move my body over. I do that a lot to get where I want to go. Hopefully soon I will be crawling. I’m still working on my arm and core strength. If I’m on my tummy, I can tuck my knees up under me and I don’t have a problem keeping my head up, but I can lift my chest off the ground with my arms. We had Birth To Three come out to visit today, again, to talk more about my therapy plans and how we can advance my skills. Birth to Three is an in-home therapy group that each county has, here in Wisconsin, and they work with kids like me whom should be home for therapies and (as Mom and Dad say) keeping me around my own germs. I’ll keep you posted on Therapy. It seems it’s been very slow to get set up, but I think next Monday is my first real session. I even get to have a massage! -Heath

PS. I ate peas for supper…so did Elmo.

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