12/11/18 - Butt Lift N' Roll and Yell

Mom has deemed it the ol’ “butt lift n’ roll”…that is the move I do to get myself around. Yesterday, I told you about how I’m getting more mobile and today Mom was surprised when she came to peek on me and I was half way across the living room! I laid there, kind of shy because she caught me, looking up at her with the biggest gummy smile. I’d never moved that far before and I think we were both surprised. I’ve also been quite the chatter-box today! Mom keeps getting startled that I’m crying or something is the matter, but when she checks on me, I’m just talking to myself and smiling. I make some really strange sounds, I’m told. My sounds are “kaaah”, “aah”, sucking my tongue, growls and grounds, throat sounds and screaming excitedly. No Momma or Dadda yet, but we will be working on those soon, I’m sure. I’m starting to get good at this! I’m feeling more “my age” lately. I’m catching up, quickly, on everything I’ve missed thru my journey. It’s very exciting for me and for my family. Also, I throw stuff now…so that’s fun. -Heath

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