12/12/18 - Just Us

Today was my the day my Mommy was born, what she says was a long time ago. I haven’t had a birthday yet, but she’s had a bunch. She told me today was the most special Birthday she’s every had because she has me. It made me smile. We had a really good day together. It wasn’t too much of a different routine, for a weekday, but it was a special day for just us. We played, snuggled and she smooched my cheek without any other distractions; no radio, tv, phone or people. Just us. It was the perfect birthday present, she said. I even wore my “Mommy’s Cool Dude” shirt…he, he, he! Tomorrow, my Grandma is coming over to my house for a while and I’m not going to work with Mom. I’m excited and just curled up in bed to make sure I’m well rested so we can play in the morning. Hope you guys had a nice day, too! Good Night. -Heath

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