12/13/18 - Special Time

I hung out all morning with my Grandma. Mommy usually takes me with her to work, but when it’s really busy, sometimes my Grandma or Grandpa will come to my house or I’ll go to theirs, and we hang out. It’s some of my most favorite time. We usually play with my toys and talk. Grandma always goes thru each toy, giving me one at a time, letting me decide on my favorite. She thinks it’s interesting. Lately, my favorite toy has been my Hedgehog. He’s squishy and hard and makes sounds when I shake him. Sometimes, I grab him with both hands and try to eat him, but he is to big to fit in my mouth. Grandma and Grandpa brought me over a new book with Christmas stories in it, too! Mom and I have been reading the stories. Mom says it’s good to do Christmas stuff this time of year and the Christmas stories are part of tradition. I don’t have a favorite one yet, but I do love reading books. Especially, because I can look at the pictures. -Heath

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