12/14/18 - Beautiful, Busy, Bath, Bed

Mom got me all snuggling warm in fuzzy pants and an oversized sweatshirt, then she took me for a tour outside today. It was great! It is still winter and chilly, but it was a little warmer today (like in the high thirty’s) so we thought it was a perfect day to go out. The sun was shining on the snow and the air felt good when I breathed it in. That might sound funny, but I haven’t gotten outside time, too much just yet, so I really love fresh outside air. We walked around the yard and I looked at everything. She held me up so I could hold my head up and look back over her shoulder as we walked. I saw the horses and two of them were being silly and playing. It was very interesting to watch. They are so big! Mom said they aren’t scary, though. Then, we stopped to visit with my doggies who were ourptaide for the day to see everything happening in the yard. Doggies like to watch and protect our home, that’s what Grandpa told me the other day. They also like to watch for squirrels. I love seeing my doggies. They always want to lick me! No kisses from them yet. I have to get stronger and bigger first. We went out to the big garage to see what Dad was up to, too. He seemed busy, though, so we kept our tour going. It’s so fun to see new things. I don’t know what a lot of stuff is yet, you know? When we were done, we went inside so I didn’t get cold. I mostly played and napped today before we had to go to an appointment in the city for a shot I needed to get. We drove to Madison, WI and it takes about an hour to get there, so I had a nice nap. I don’t usually nap too long in the car, but when we go to Madison or Milwaukee for my appointments, it’s one or two hours one way, so I try too snooze. I was pretty tired tonight when we got home. Mommy gave me a quick bath in the tub and then I got dressed and am going to bed. Nighty nite! -Heath

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