12/15/18 - Santa Man

I used my high chair for the first time today. I’d been just eating on moms lap, in my Bumbo or in my chair, but now that I’m a little bigger and more comfortable sitting, we decided to bust it out. I sat for a long time and ate Pears Mom helped me with. I was watching Dad making strips for his jerky. It was interesting to watch and the spices were so smelly! Anyways, I ate good and enjoyed the chair time more than I expected. It will make eating much more comfy, I think.

We did a lot today! The biggest thing was this, though…I met Santa! We went to a place called Cabelas to finepd him. Mom said Santa is from the North Pole, but Dad said Santa hangs out at Cabelas a lot because that’s where the kool fishing, hunting and camping stuff is. Sure, enough, he was there! We walked up and Dad set me up with him (after we drilled him on whether he or his family had been sick lately…they hadn’t). I didn’t mind sitting with the Santa man. He was in a big fuzzy suit that I liked and he had a fluffy beard like my Dad does. I was going to smile for a picture until I looked over my shoulder and saw an elf stuck in the snow and a Reindeer staring at me. What a weird experience? Mom got her pictures and was happy, so we said thank you to the Santa man and went about our day… -Heath

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