12/16/18 - Barf Chicken

Today was really nice. Most times, on Sundays, we just relax and enjoy the day. Football will be on, the house will smell like something yummy in the oven and I will gets lots of snuggles. Grandpa even stopped to see me and visit today. He rode his four wheeler over. When I get bigger, I can go on it for a ride too. I’m excited to get outside more when the weather warms up. Mom said that won’t be for a while yet, but I still think about it. Anyhow, I sat in my high chair for all my meals today. At lunch time, though, per my Grandmas recommendation, Mom let me try some new foods. The peas were normal, I’d had those before, but the blended Gerber jar of chicken…oh no! Absolutely no! I tasted it and shook my head so it would fall out of my mouth. Ha! I didn’t like it and Mom wasn’t disappointed because she about gagged with the smell. She and Dad and Grandpa (we made him smell it when he stopped) all said it smelled worse than wet cat food. I’m fact, wet cat food smells better! Dad tried it and it wasn’t bad he said, but Mom promised not to make me try that again and that she will mash some homemade meats for me to eat safely. Barf chicken is not for me! Ick! I got some more peas and that cleansed my mouth out. I was pretty happy all day, besides that. I posed for pictures, because I love having my picture taken. Here are some, below. Good night. -Heath

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