11/25/18 - Pooches

A while back, when I first got home, my Grandmas’ friends all sent me some wonderful gifts. one of them was this hand puppet puppy (say that three times, fast). He is so soft and fluffy. He sings, too. The singing has scared me a little, because he is quite loud, but I really love him anyhow. When I was in my jumpy chair today, Mom was helping me play with him. I’d smile and clap my hands down and then he would come in and lick me on my cheek. Sneeky pup! He makes me smile. Grandma’s friends also sent me some sockies and toys and a picture frame…hmmm, oh! and a piggy bank and a blanket. They know me so well. He, he, he. Soft and snuggly or loud or anything to do with pictures all make for perfect gifts. It was really sweet. I actually needed some sockies, too. I’m growing so much! I’m in 12 month clothes now. My 9 month clothes are all too tight in the torso. My family and Doctors all think I’ll be pretty tall when I am big. I just need to grow up big and strong! -Heath

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