11/26/18 - Bummin'

We just bummed today at home. Mommy cleaned house and got some work done. I played with my toys and watched. I think my favorite thing to do on bum days at home, is to walk around with Mom. She will pick me up and carry me around the house. I get to see out the different windows and whatever else i see looking around. We made some noodles in the kitchen and Mom let me touch one when it was cool. It stuck to my hand and i got a little nervous. She showed me it was okay and I grabbed it this time, smooshing it between my fingers! The noodle was floppy and easy bend. I wonder if that’s when Mom and Dad call me a noodle sometimes; because I’m floppy? He, he. Anyhoo, textures like that are so much fun. When we do laundry, I always touch all the different textured materials. It’s weird that some things are soft and some things are stiff (like Daddy’s Carharrts). All of my clothes are snuggly and soft, just how I like. Hmm…what else did we do today? I napped a bunch and that was about it. It was a nice relaxing day. I’m really feeling so happy at home guys. It’s the best! -Heath

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