12/1/18 - Futurity Day

Mom said we love December in our home. Not only is it a month of beautiful snow and family time for Christmas, but it’s also Mom and my Aunty’s birthday month, time for the National Finals Rodeo and last but not least, its the start of Futurity season for the up-n-coming young horses. We have horses, futurity horses. A futurity horse is a horse that is young and hasn’t competed yet. There are shows called called Futurities that are for all of these young horses to compete against other horses that are also the same age…it makes it fair. Anyways, today is the official opening of the 2019 Futurity season. Anyhow, I think I’ll really love the horses when I get older. Mom and Dad always make sure i have my little stuffed pony with me and I also get to see our horses thru the window. When I get bigger, I’ll be able to be around the horses. Right now, I’m a little to “fragile” to be around the germs and the cold. Speaking of the cold, I don’t know what to think of it? Whenever I go out to get in the car, when we go somewhere, I feel a little cold air come from the garage and it makes my skin get goosies. I usually talk and tell Mom I don’t like it. Usually, Mom will put my blankie up over me so the air doesn’t hit me, but lately, now that I’m getting bigger, I just want to see and will pull it back off. I am getting bigger! Here are some pictures from today. I was a wild man and played so hard. I snoozed hard, too! -Heath

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