12/18/18 - Crawl and Bawl

I haven’t been the best tummy time baby. I’m okay with it, but I still don’t really care to be on my tummy too much. I can rill off my tummy, but I still cry when I’m scared I can’t do it. With some more time and growing, hopefully I won’t feel this way anymore. Mom has been teaching me how to roll and I do that really well. When I’m on my tummy I do a like “army crawl” and then get scared and bawl. The “crawl and bawl” gets me all flustered. Hopefully I will get stronger and be able to crawl like a normal baby soon. I’m getting better every day. I can move around well enough without crawling normal, so I guess I just haven’t wanted to try too. Did any of you or your babies take a long time to learn to crawl or crawl weird? Let me know…write to me because we are curious.

Thank you to everyone who used my new PO Box, by the way! I was so excited to get Christmas cards from you guys! Mom showed me them all and we read them together. We will put them in my scrapbook. Someday when I’m older, I think I’ll really enjoy looking back and reading thru all of these letters. It’s my first Christmas coming up and we are not taking anything for granted! What true blessings and friendships my family has made thru all of my adversities. You are all people who have made a difference in my life and will help me stay strong as I grow and mature thru my medical challenges. Thank you all so much for your kindness, generosity and love. -Heath

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