12/19/18 - Stuffed Animals

I need to show you guys my stuffed animals sometime. I have quite a few and I love them all so much. I’ve always love my “fuzzies”, as we call them and now that I’m bigger and more mobile, I’m always dragging one with me. My current favorites are my fuzzie from Jess, my purple bear from grandma T and my green bear from the Cross family. I love when I can hug them! Mom helps me get them on my tummy and I squeeze with my hands and laugh. Sometimes, when I nap at noon, I snuggle right up with a fuzzy bear and it’s always a great nap time. I have a giraffe from my friend Ellen in my crib at night that has rings on it that make it easy to grab and when I want to get up in the mornings, I will shake him and make the rings bang on the sides of my crib until Mom hears me. I yell too, but we will leave that out. He, he, he. I have a special bear that my friends in the Burger family sent me. It’s special and Mom doesn’t let me goober all over it. It’s from Build-A-Bear and has a heart inside his chest that beats when you hug him. It’s such a special fuzzie. Hmmm….I also really like little fuzzies that I can easily pick up, throw or try to eat; like my little pony. -Heath

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