12/4/18 - Sensory

Mom and I put up more decorations for Christmas today. I’m loving the new things to look at and think about. Dad has been home this week and he is working on our upstairs bathroom, so I’ve been hearing a lot of new sounds, too. When I was still in the hospital a really nice company came out and helped up remove the chimney that was in our house for an indoor wood furnace we had to heat the house in the winter (we have LP, too). Since I was coming home soon, the wood furnace couldn’t be inside anymore, even though it was in the basement, because Mom and Dad were concerned about any particles in the air from burning wood. They didn’t want anything to bother me or hurt me, plus the wood heat really makes the air in the house dry and I need to stay really healthy. So, drying out your sinuses while you sleep is not a good way to keep colds and sickness away. Even now, I still sleep with a humidifier. Anyhow, removing a chimney from our house left a lot of open space and we had to redo some walls and rooms changed, so Dad has been fixing stuff up (to Mom’s standards…ha, ha). We have a nice home. I love it here. Along with the wood furnace, redoing the roof and wall repairs, we also had our air ducts cleaned really well before I came home. It’s been a long process, but it’s been a lot of new things for me to hear, see and smell at home, too. I love sitting and watching with my puppy. We joke and call it my Sensory therapy. I suppose real life things like all of this are sensory therapy. -Heath

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