12/6/18 - Mourning

Mommy is mourning. My GG’s funeral was today and my family was very sad. Daddy stayed home with me so she could go to the church with the rest of the family. It was in my best interest to stay home, away from so many people. This time of year isn’t the safest for someone in my condition. I’m still so little, immune suppressed and just out of a recent heart transplant…so, being around people old, young and stuck in a room together during cold and flu season just isn’t where i should be. Most of my family understood, but often enough Mom had to explain that since I was so little when my troubles began, I never got immunizations, gained any antibodies children my age normally would and to top it off I am on medicines to kill down my immune system. Kind of a rough combo to deal with. We also didn’t want to make the day about me, since so many people have yet to meet me in person. I would have drawn alot of attention at the wrong time. It’s such a weird thing to say and think about. Probably a little bit wrong to think or say, but that is just how life is in my world. The funeral was beautiful and GG would have loved it, Mom said. Lots of people loved her. She was a kind souled woman whom my Mommy felt very close, too. Thank you to everyone whom sent a card with condolences to our family. That was so thoughtful and sweet. -Heath

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