12/9/18 - G Feeds


The picture…yeah, um? I’m really interested in my feet. I can grab them with my hands and bring them up close to my face so I can watch my toes wiggle. I’m not sure why, or even how, the wiggle, but they do. Besides that, I wanted to tell you that I am getting 40ml in my tummy (via the G port on my feeding tube) three times a day now! This is a big deal for me! So I get food and milk in my tummy now. Eating is going pretty good still. I’m getting better every day. Mom heard my tummy grumbling today for the first time ever. It sounds minor, but it was neat. I’ve had Milk in my tummy before, at the hospital when they tried to do continuous feeds, but this time at home is going much better for me. No pressure to increase volume too fast. Hopefully, soon, I’ll learn to drink and we can work on no tube at all! It’s my big goal for 2019!That and teeth! -Heath

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