2/22/2018 - My Birthday

Mom was pregnant with me for 41 weeks. Her and Dad wanted me to join their family so badly and were very excited to meet me. Dr. S was planning to induce labor on 2/22/18, but Mom's waters broke at about 2:45pm the day before and we ended up spending the night in the hospital. We spent 17hrs in active labor and she only had to do about 45 minutes of pushing before i arrived. I was born on 2/22/18 at 12:29pm at the Sauk Prairie Hospital in Sauk City, WI. It went great!

Mom was wiped out so they took me to get cleaned up. I met my dad first and looked into his eyes while he held my hand. Then things went down hill very quickly. I had just came into this world when I began having trouble. Initially, the doctors believed I had some form of heart block. Thru great CPR and quick thinking, they were able to get an external pacer on my heart and get me immediately in route to UW Madison’s American Family Children’s Hospital. The staff at the Sauk Prairie Hospital saved my life for the first time...

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