3/22/18 - 3/24/18

I've had a good few days. I'm getting a little stronger every day. Less medication. Less sedation. Less help from the ventilator. My heart is not getting any better though; not worse, but not better either. I have alot going on right now...the stitches on my neck from where the ECMO cannulas were removed are going to come out. The scars from AFCH are healed except the one on the back of my head; the nurses here are working on healing it. I have a big bump on my right arm from before I came from an old IV site that they are working to get down, too. They found a large blood clot in my liver during a scan and i have been on a medication to help with that. The black line in my nose is a pacing line that they can use to pace my heart if i go into any odd arrhythmia (I was having some bad spells before i got to CHW and this is just a precaution). Still working to remove fluid. 

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