3/26/18 - Questions

I'm feeling pretty good. Still waiting for genetic tests to come back to hopefully find answers as to why I'm so sick. Why my heart isn't strong. Why this all happened??? Only time will tell. Mom and Dad had their blood drawn today, they took more of mine too...another test. Always another test these days. Mom is a wreck with the thought of any surgery they may need to do to help save my life. Dad is calm but he's just being strong for Mom's sake. He's scared too. We are meeting with doctors all week in preparation to place me on the heart transplant list. It's a huge ordeal. We have to meet with everyone and they are evaluating my "condition" and whether or not a transplant would be the correct option for treatment, whether or not I am stable enough to receive a heart and make it thru a long surgery to replace mine and whether or not a heart transplant would help me. We will know more tomorrow. 

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