3/27/18 - The List

Today Mom and Dad put me on the Heart Transplant list with the help of our team at CHW. It's a really big day for us. It's been a very difficult time; a huge, scary situation. We are praying for a miracle, to wake up from this nightmare and I guess now we have to come to terms with the fact that I do indeed NEED a new heart. My unofficial diagnosis is some form of Dilated Cardiomyopathy. That's a vague diagnosis, but they do know for sure now that my heart is not able to do the work it needs to do due to a muscle/squeezing/ventricular issue. We could wait to put me onto the heart list at risk of my body getting weaker in hopes i recover, but the experienced doctors here say my heart will not heal well enough to keep my other organs strong and healthy; if i get weaker, i risk falling down on the list or even being taken off of it. My other organs need my heart to help them run efficiently and keep my body healthy. If my heart isn't able to do it's job, then my body will suffer. I'm also on a few medications that are helping my heart do it's job right now. They aren't medicines I can be on long term and go home with. I need this heart transplant...it's a harsh reality my family is just beginning to come to terms with. It's very scary. Please pray for me.

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