4/10/18 - Beautiful Dreamer

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I just vegetated today under my heater in my cozy bed. Mom and Dad read to me, played with my toes and loved on me as usual. My nurse was very sweet to me all day. I was able to get some more therapy in, too. We sat up again and I decided to take a nap quick while I sat up. I mean, a guy's got to nap when he can...am i right?! So, when they moved my core around and stretched me out I just rolled my eyes back and snoozed. O.T. days are my favorite. I've gained a little weight now, too. Don't be picking on my booda-belly! At least this belly isn't excess fluid, like previous times. I'm getting 24ml of Mom's breastmilk every few hours now! That has been a huge accomplishment for me. We are hoping to get up to 35ml over the week. That would be wonderful. I haven't ever handled much more than that during previous tries to increase my feeds; so, we think that will be a good stopping point this time. At least I think that's the plan for now? I like having a full tummy though; and I poop every day now. That might not seem like something exciting, but when you're in my boat, that's a big deal. I'm officially a stinky baby. Feels good to be a little normal...or should i say "regular" bahahah!! After O.T. today, I was exhausted and Mom bundled me up for a while in my Lion King snuggly soft blanket from one of my Grandmas. It was super cozy and I dozed off to sleep. I was dreaming and started to smile and scrunch my nose up. I love to nap. Growing is hard work. That was it...a relaxing day. We are all thankful when I have these good days. 

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