4/14/18 - Naked Baby No-More


Today was a good day!! I had a pretty nice morning. After yesterday's struggles, it was so nice to just feel comfortable. Mom and Dad drove thru some nasty weather to get to the hospital to me. They said it was icy and snowy and windy. They tried describing those things to me, but it's a little hard to imagine. They got here safely though. Dad's a good driver. Mom gave me a nice bath, lotioned up my skin and dressed me up in a footsie outfit. It had puppies on it and I loved it! I've never really gotten to dress up in clothes before. Mom and Dad found some snap-up outfits for me to wear. The snaps work really well with all my cords and tubes. I need outfits that I can put on like a jacket. The ventilator tube is in the way to try and go over my head and my PIC lines are in the way to put things on over my legs, so snaps are the only way to go. I was very comfortable and happy. It's nice to have clothes on. I felt snugly, but could still move good. I'm exited to wear other outfits now. I'm so handsome. I showed Mom and Dad my moves by kicking and punching up and out. Dad leaned over the bed and was smooching on me and I socked him in the jaw a couple times to have fun. He wasn't hurt. He laughed at me. I am so funny some times. Mom put me on my belly for a little while too, while I was feeling so good. It was nice. I kicked and pushed up on the bed some. I am strong. I can lift my body up off the bed if I want, too. After that, I had milk, pooped and passed out for a nap. I was worn out and happy. It was a good day. Do you like my outfit? 

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